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How do we actually help our customers?

  • We use it to the full. Office 365  is designed to respond to regulators requirements.
  • We are proactive.  Actively administering  Office 365 with single focus to raise customers level of Compliance.
  • We are knowledgeable. We make Office 365 work beyond what customers think is possible.


You will be suprised how Business Minded we Are

  • After we transform SME’s business, they realize costs are actually going down. Significantly.
  • We gradually transform the clients LOB system.
  • We know how to manage the migration to Office 365 in a compliant manner.
  • Result is system that is: Compliant, resilient and cheaper to run
  • Basically SME’s  lower the costs and mitigate the risks by outsourcing Compliance to us


Markets are Tougher than ever

  • Reality: Data protection & compliance is strictly regulated
  • Markets: Regulator actively searches for violations
  • Risk: Fines are exceedingly high
  • Challenge: SME’s have no resources to raise to the required compliance lev