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Important Note April 2015

Download links do not function any more.

Microsoft has taken down all previous and current download servers (,, and

However, Microsoft provides both a download version, and can even send you a replacement disk, if you can provide a valid product key:

Office 2007 general backup
Office HUP downloads, all versions, go to “My Account”
Replacement for broken Office installation CD

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With the release of Office 365, Microsoft Office is now tightly integrated with the Cloud, Skydrive, the Windows Live services etc. As a result of this change, the majority of the download versions of the Office 2013 applications is no longer delivered as publicly available files on the Digital River servers, but directly streamed onto the client devices from Microsoft’s servers. There is also an alternative download source with the backup images directly from Microsoft. Both download sources make up a complete repository or all Office 2013 downloads.

Important Note May 2014

Microsoft is retiring the previous download servers, and All downloads are moving to the Azure storage on We have updated all links, so the files should be reliably available again.

How to use the downloaded files

The Office 2013 Professional Plus as well as Project and Visio downloads require a retail product key. They can also be activated for a 60 days’ trial period with a trial key that is available from Microsoft free of charge. These are the full standalone (offline) installers that don’t have to download the entire application from the internet when being installed.

The Home & Student, Home & Business and Professional backup images are merely offline installers of the click-to-run applications that would otherwise be streamed to your computer from the Microsoft website. Without retail product key, they’re useless.

The language packs can be downloaded, installed and used free of charge. They don’t require an additional product key. They need an Office 2013 (or Visio 2013 or Project 2013) base installation, and add localisation like spell checks and translated user interfaces to your Office product.

Office 2013 Test Drive

Office 2013 as well as Visio 2013 and Project 2013 are available as a free 60 days’ trial version. You will need a Windows Live ID to get your trial keys from Technet here:

NOTE! One has to follow above links to be able to install office 60 day “test drive”. There is no other sure way to get to activated 60 day eval versions of these three products. This is the only normal way to associate one’s Microsoft ID with eval installation of above products.

Purchasing Office 2013 Standalone Edition

Office 2013

NOTE! With the new 2013 version, Microsoft Office Standalone Edition brings some considerable changes. Whereas it was possible to install Office up to three computers before (depending on the edition), a license is now bound to a single computer only.

Microsoft is driving the licensing subscription model, and restricts flexibility of the standalone editions to a minimum.  Right now (2015 Q2) , for customers wanting stand-alone office we recommend to purchase Office 2010 instead, because of these licensing restrictions.

Should customers want to go for the new Office 2013 Stand-Alone, anyway, here are the links to Amazon:

What are Office x86 and x64 editions?

Running the x64 Office (64 bit) edition also requires an x64 Windows edition. Advantage of  64bit Windows IS better performance.

The advantage of Office x64 is NOT better performance. The advantage of Office X64 is (very) large files it can handle. Above 2GB per single file.

Disadvantage is that it doesn’t support most third party plugins and add-ons. Microsoft actually discourages the use of the x64 editions. So unless you’re absolutely sure you need an x64 edition, you should choose x86 (32 bit).

Download Office 2013 Disk Images and Language Packs

The following links point to Digital Rivers Azure storage. Digital River is Microsoft’s service provider for e-commerce. For more details, please refer to this press release. So this is an official download channel, and you can be sure to receive setup files that are virus-free, secure, legitimate and untouched.

To verify the integrity of your downloads, you can check with MSDN. You’ll find SHA1 and ISO/CRC check sums there. The site requires login with a free Windows Live ID.



Product Croatian
(Czech Republic)
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65185.iso X18-65186.iso X18-65187.iso X18-65188.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65696.iso X18-65697.iso X18-65698.iso X18-65699.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51522.exe (old)
X19-32624.exe (new)
X18-51524.exe (old)
X19-32626.exe (new)
X18-51526.exe (old)
X19-32628.exe (new)
X18-51528.exe (old)
X19-32630.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51523.exe (old)
X19-32625.exe (new)
X18-51525.exe (old)
X19-32627.exe (new)
X18-51527.exe (old)
X19-32629.exe (new)
X18-51529.exe (old)
X19-32631.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65372.exe X18-65373.exe X18-65374.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65886.exe X18-65887.exe X18-65888.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65440.exe X18-65441.exe X18-65442.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65954.exe X18-65955.exe X18-65956.exe


Product English
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65189.iso X18-65190.iso X18-65191.iso X18-65192.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65700.iso X18-65701.iso X18-65702.iso X18-65703.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51531.exe (old)
X19-32633.exe (new)
X18-51532.exe (old)
X19-32634.exe (new)
X18-51534.exe (old)
X19-32636.exe (new)
X18-51536.exe (old)
X19-32638.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51530.exe (old)
X19-32632.exe (new)
X18-51533.exe (old)
X19-32635.exe (new)
X18-51535.exe (old)
X19-32637.exe (new)
X18-51537.exe (old)
X19-32639.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65375.exe X18-65376.exe X18-65377.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65889.exe X18-65890.exe X18-65891.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65443.exe X18-65444.exe X18-65445.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65957.exe X18-65958.exe X18-65959.exe


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