Office 365 Price List

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2 free and actually very useful applications

This tip applies to any cloud storage service, including Dropbox or Google Drive

Office 2013 Outlook crashing on you after April 2016?

Note: This remedy also applies to all sorts of “it was working before” kind-of-a problems with Outlook 2013. Related

It was working yesterday

Whenever we are faced with the desperate customer and a proverbial sentence: “It was working yesterday” we always follow this same recipe. Before you start be 100% sure that all the important data is saved somewhere else. Cloud storage is absolutely the best place. Related

Windows C: drive getting low on space?

Windows libraries to the rescue

The best password policy? A simple sentence.

20 years of wrong effort.

Office 2013 Tip: Skip the Cloud Integration

This tip applies to any cloud storage service, including Dropbox or Google Drive

How to Add Dropbox (and other cloud services) to Office 2013

Out of the box, Office 2013 is designed to integrate seamlessly with the cloud – just as long as it’s Microsoft’s OneDrive service.

What is the Dropbox badge?

The badge appears on any Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel file saved in your Dropbox. The badge gives you easy access to some of the best Dropbox features

Office 2013: How to install, activate and spend 180 days in eval mode

Understand there is no any other way

How To Clean Install Windows 7

Very detailed instructions.

Troubleshooting Outlook connectivity to Exchange Online

You local Outlook installation might be in the limbo, thus you can not rely on it. Not to worry.

Outlook: Copy email signatures to another computer

Business Compliance requires business email signatures to exist and to contain relevant information. Outlook 2010 is by far the most utilised email client in corporate environments. Unfortunately copying email signatures, carefully developed on one’s desktop, is not that straightforward to copy to laptop or another PC. This text shows how is that done. Copy Outlook […]

Selected On line Outlook help

Selected On line Outlook help resources.

Mastering Windows 8’s backup/restore system

Mastering Windows 8’s backup/restore system By Fred Langa Windows 8 has easily the most comprehensive backup-and-recovery system ever seen on a personal computer. With little user effort, and when applied correctly, Win8’s built-in backup tools provide automatic, frequent, triple-data redundancy. Inexplicably, however, Microsoft tends to describe each tool more or less in isolation. It doesn’t […]

How to connect Thunderbird to your Exchange Email

In case you find youself to be an “advanced” email practitioner, then you are likely an avid user of ThunderBird (TB) email client. In which case it is logical to expect you do know how to connect the TB to “anything”. But there is one small gotcha. ThunderBird uses so called “Mozilla ISP database” where details […]

Troubleshoot Outlook to Exchange On-Line connection

NOTE After you have followed the procedure outlined bellow and in case you see this message afterwards:   Please be aware that your machine does not have the correct version of office installed. Also please check if you are running unregistered MS Office, in so called “evaluation mode”. MS Office must be both installed and […]

Make Yourself OneDrive Master

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a OneDrive Master 2015 Feb 06: Sourced from here. The Microsoft cloud storage platform formerly known as SkyDrive now reaches across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, and will become even more important when Windows 10 arrives later this year. We’ve gathered together 10 helpful tips to make sure you’re getting the […]

Command line switches for Outlook 2010

The command that starts Microsoft Outlook 2010 is outlook.exe. A command-line switch is the addition of a forward slash followed by the command name and any parameters. What are commands and switches? Each time that you start the program, you run the outlook.exe command, although you do not usually type the command or even see […]

How to connect Outlook to your Email

Note: click on each image to see it in full size. Run Outlook.exe, and you should see screen like this one Or with your existing stuff in your everyday outlook. Click File on the menu. Then click Add Account Now you should see this screen Enter your name Than e-mail address Now enter your password […]